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Hosting terms of Service

Terms of Service for SimCrafters hosted sites; dated July 7, 2004.

This contract is temporary and extends 90 days from the date the first SimCrafters files are uploaded to server (July 10, 2004); corresponding with the temporary contract created between Parsimonious and SimCrafters representative on July 7, 2004.

At the end of said time the TOS will be reevaluated to reflect the end of the abovementioned Parsimonious/SimCrafters temporary contract.

1.        SimCrafters has been established to provide hosting for fan sites relating the computer game The Sims produced by Maxis and Electronic Arts. . SimCrafters is in no way connected to or endorsed by Maxis or Electronic Arts.
2.        Hosted sites may not contain links to, advertisements for or other material related to the following: pornography, illegal drugs, weapons, alcohol or tobacco products, spy ware or the misuse of copyrighted material.
3.        Material created while hosted by SimCrafters remains the exclusive property of the artist who created it. Providing hosting for a site in no way implies ownership of material hosted.
4.        Hosted sites may request that all files related to their site be removed from the server and the SimCrafters project at any time. SimCrafters will comply with such of a request within 24 hours of e-mail or other notification.
5.        Hosted sites must develop an individual TOU, out lining their sites policies, including but not limited to cloning and file sharing policies.
6.        Hosted sites are responsible for notifying SimCrafters of updates if hosted sites want them advertised on the SimCrafters site.
7.        Each hosted site will be provided with a site-specific topic at The Drawing Board forum as a means of communication between site owners and site visitors. Individuals with questions about a site-specific issue will be referred to the forum by SimCrafters staff.
8.        Hosted site owners are responsible for creating and maintaining individual sites. SimCrafters will not design or maintain a hostees site.
9.        Server maintenance will be done by and ftp access to same will be provided by Parsimonious, as outlined in temporary contract.
10.        At no time during this contract is any hosted site allowed to solicit donations/payments in exchange for files while covered by this agreement.
11.        If this TOS is violated the consequences will proceed as follows. Site owner will receive written warning of violation and a reasonable amount of time to comply and rectify the violation. If the violation is not rectified within this time, the site in question will be taken off line until the violation is rectified to the satisfaction of SimCrafters.
12.        SimCrafters staff, specifically Michelle, will serve as liaison between SimCrafters and Parsimonious.
13.        This agreement may be changed with a majority vote of all who have a vested interest in SimCrafters, including staff, hosted site staff and others as deemed necessary. SimCrafters will have available a current list of those parties on request