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Lost Sims Group


Created by Pollymogs


Welcome to Serengeti
Magical bedroom where:
Sims always get up happy... and get dressed right away..
Where toyboxes contain educational toys that teach..
Where the easels give more money, are more fun, and sim kids can increase their creativity.
Where the paintings are always of interest and a fun activity for sims.
AND where dressers let you change body types. Choose Change clothes (old) in the menu.
If you have Making Magic, even if you haven't learned to teleport yet, you can teleport to this rug, and even if you're a muggle with no wand!
Making Magic toybox included. It will not increase grades.

Also four walls and four floors included in zip.
Walls, floors and hacking by Lost Sims.
No expansion packs required, but some items will be marked as needing Making Magic in Sim categorizer.


Zip contains bed



Toybox for MM



 Zip contains window seat and curtains


Download entire set 

Download just the objects that are TS compatible

  Download HD compatible objects
Dresser no longer needs hot date