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    Hello, and welcome to Magic Sims.

    This new site is a collaboration between myself, (Lost Sims) and Pollymogs formerly from Simply Learning Sims. We hope to combine our talents to create a special touch of magic for your sims lives and provide them here for you with the help of Sim Crafters. All of our objects are file share friendly, and clone friendly unless otherwise noted. For rules on file share, please click the button to the left.

    Polly and I are trying hard to create objects that will work in all expansion packs unless they involve new additions that came with a certain expansion pack. (Like pet objects or Making Magic objects) All new objects have been tested in original sims and will work without errors if the object is marked no ep.  

      Polly is already well-known in the community for her beautiful sets. I know you'll enjoy what she has in store for you. Polly also has a Yahoo group where you can download bases to recolor.

      Magic Mailboxes!

Finally a workable mailbox patch that allows you to have as many different mailboxes as you like! Cloning is encouraged!  Click the picture for more information!

    Here's my latest addtion.

    Patch for Makin' Magic and original trees.
    Allows the trees to be placed near water and fllor tiles and on slopes, and the sims to walk under them.
    Click here 
    Ep requirements: None
    Also the groundcover in the picture is downloadable.

    Orphange objects and orphans
    Fully grown children are now adoptable! No more baby care when you want to increase your family size.. that is unless you really want to put your sims through that....

    Six Npc children, their heads and uniforms, and a photo for each that will cause them to appear on any lot where you place them. Using the two fake sims provided, you can create an orphanage lot in old town or at home. Your sims can now adopt a fully grown child without three sleepless, workless days and nights of baby care!  See the orphanage page for full details.


    Looking for Spouse in a box? Click here!

    We won an award from Sim a little Dream a Lot for best new site! Thanks DeeDee!


    And we're proud to announce that Sim a Little is our first affiliate!

    Go visit for some fantastic objects with new and unique animations!


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