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Created by Pollymogs

No expansion packs needed 

Hacked Kitchen set
Graphics by Polly, Hacking by Lost Sims.
Fridge: Little snacking on their own
Stove: No burn, sims gradually gain cooking skills
Trash compactor: Doesn't need emptied.
Dishwasher: Never breaks

This set is lovely. You must put it in the game to really appreciate it. The details on the stove are wonderful.



             Cl Kitchen                                   Touch of Teak



  Llmark Kitchen


Lost Sims Kitchens


Finally a low cost, nice looking kitchen set for those sims just starting out. If you don't like to cheat this is the set for you!

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Moderate blue tiled counter, just right for beginning families. Matches the cream stove and fridge that came with the game.

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 Another table and chairs set that can be used with above counter.