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Orphange objects and orphans

Meet the Magic Mailbox

This is your new mailbox.   Pick the flower and put it in your Game Data/Objects folder.  It will turn the Maxis mailbox on every residential lot - even in Magic Town - into this tiny flower and works just like the Maxis one.  DO NOT DELETE THE FLOWER OR YOU WILL MESS UP YOUR GAME BADLY!


You will also want some new skins for your mailbox so that it looks like the sim is actually getting those lovely bills from a real box. [masks]  Unzip these into your Downloads folder.  You will find them in the catalog under Miscellaneous in your game.  They will hide the little flower and you can decorate them and change them with the seasons.  Don't worry about hiding the flower however because the masks communicate with the flower, allowing you to command your sims to get mail.

Directions:  To put the mask or anything else on the flower, hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys and type C.  A little cheat window opens at the top left of your game screen.  Type MOVE_OBJECTS ON exactly as shown, then ENTER.  Use the hand cursor in either Buy or Build mode to place your new mask and decorate it, then open the cheat window again (CTRL-SHIFT-C).  Type MOVE_OBJECTS OFF, then ENTER.


If you're nervous about using hacks but still want to use these skins, just move your Maxis mailbox to a hidden spot on the property where the mail carrier can reach it.  DO NOT DELETE THE MAILBOX OR YOU WILL MESS UP YOUR GAME BADLY!

 Object creators - cloning these skins is not only allowed, it's encouraged.  Please let us know at the forum where we can download the skins that you create from these bases and provide a link to Magic Sims so that your downloaders can get the flower patch. You must use one of the bases below or the prototype because they have been hacked to communicate with the mailbox. Sims can be directed to get mail when users click on the replacement.


Here's My prototype. The feverfew from this site works well with it. :)


 Download bed (requires LL)

Bed and rugs are ep free.

Moroccan bed to match Moni's set


Created by
Lost Sims

  This dragon nest comes with the ability to choose from 10 different new dragon colors. If you use my dragon globals, they will sleep in their nest. If you are using another dragon global, they won't sleep. If you don't have a dragon global file in your Gamedata/globals folder, download mine. If you don't, the hatched dragons will leave within one day.
Download skins Unzip to your skins folder
Download Dragon global Unzip to gamedata/globals
Click the nest to download the dragons and the nest! Make sure to get the skins too or your dragons will only be wings.

To see the dragons, or if you would like to get these dragons to use as a pet cat for unleashed only, go here.

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