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Orphange objects and orphans 

    This pet shop can be placed anywhere, at home, old town, downtown.. well just anywhere! The cat and dog pens only work at home or in old town though. You must place a cash register on the lot before you can buy a cat or dog.  However, you can buy fish, bird and turtles right at home with or without a cash register. This was retextured by Polly, hacked by Lost Sims.  The fish, birds and turtles can be placed as decoration and do not require maintainance. If you have my cat dragon skins, the dragons will appear to be adopted as well as cats.

    Please see note below on the original cat and dog bins about using them safely in an already large family.  

    Also see explanation below on the personality pet bath.

    Spouse in a box!
    Need a husband or wife but can't take the time to wait for them to move in and woo them? Hire our spouse in a box delivery man to come and deliver this box that will generate a new sim! Mail order bride or groom. Just pick up the phone and give us a ring!

    Don't be surprised if your new spouse is a bit cranky on arrival..

    Download here

    Attention! This zip contains a zip with the npc skins. Make sure this goes in your skins folder or your npc will be transparent or white.

    Head mesh by Fion of Sim Freaks

    Textures by Lost Sims

    Place the iff files in downloads/ls_spouse for best results.

    Requires LL for the phone plugin, but TS users can buy the box instead. :-)
    Thanks to Grapholina for her Phone plugin tutorial, and the members of hackers resource for helping me sort the personality setting for the new sim. :)

    Don't use the auto greet door or the npc will disappear as soon as he rings the doorbell. LOL I'll have to modify the door now.

These carts from Makin'Magic are patches for the original and so must be placed in your expansionpack7 folder.

 Here are the changes I've made to them.

  • Children can buy the ingredients they need from the carts.
  • The carts can be placed at home, and will appear under Miscellaneous, magic.
  • You can buy five of most ingredients at once.
  • Having the carts at home makes it possible to do most quests right at home!
  • You can click on the cart and ask the npc to leave and he or she will disappear. Then when you need them, you can summon them again.

Dog Poop
Pet treats


These are patches for pests that came to us in Unleashed, the bunny, gopher, dog poop and racoon.
Rabbit: hacked to remove the destroy plot interaction.
Gopher: hacked to remove the destroy plot interaction.
Dog poop: hacked to remove the negative room score since it is too small to see to tell your sims to clean it up.
Racoon: Cannot raid the trash cans and wake up everyone on the lot.
Pet treats: Contain 20 treats and only cost 10 Simoleans. :-)
ATTENTION!!! These patches will not work unless you unzip them to your expansion pack 5 folder!!!
Note: Crops can still be destroyed if you are using tonic you buy from the farmer or add tonic with the sprinkler system.
For some of these files, you must be a member of the group to download. :)


This is a patch for the original newspaper. I don't think it's right that you have to take the paper no matter if you need it or not. So I made the old papers turn into a patch of flowers! When the newspaper has turned into flowers, it will not hurt your room score like the old paper would. It actually adds to the room score! Plus I've made the paper buyable so you can use it if you need to change jobs. Because it turns into a patch of flowers, I've disabled bringing in the newspaper, although if there is no chair outside, sims will take it inside to sit down and read it if you tell them to, and they'll drop it inside. If this happens to you, go into buy mode and move it outside. :-)
ATTENTION!!! This will not work unless you unzip it to your game data/ objects folder!!!


This is a clone of the table soccer available from the official site. You must have Unleashed and the official download from Maxis for this to work. It has been enabled for children and it's now more fun and sims will not quit playing so quickly. They will also be more likely to play it.


Lost sims at home pet adoption for cats and dogs. Works even if the family is full. Place the cash register first and then the pet bins. If you don't put in a register, you won't be able to adopt a pet. Please see read me for information on families with more than eight sims. Click text to download.
Cat bin
Dog bin
Cash register


Lost sims Dresser with invisibility cloak
This gives children sims the ability to put on an invisibility cloak. The little ones will find this a lot of fun but so exciting they might have a small accident. While wearing the cloak, their motives will not decrease, and they will not lose grade status if they don't make it to school.


 Lost sims Super easel
Finally sell your paintings for what they are really worth. With this easel every sim is a famous artist commanding up to 2,666 simoleans for a single painting.  


Lost sims all skills bookcase
Gain all skills from studying with this bookcase. Sims will use it on their own, and all activities are fun for sims. Visitors will love it! If you have the skills hack from Simslice visitors can gain skills. Can be used away from home for libraries.  Does not cause glitches like other all skills bookcases.
+ Fun + Skills


Lost sims interesting bookcase
What fun it is to sit and read about any number of subjects right from this one bookcase! Increase your sim's interests in all subjects, and they won't lose a random interest when they gain interests. Visitor's interest changes are not saved. :-(  Perfectly safe for all versions of the sims. If you don't have hot date or higher, you won't be able to study the hot date interests.
+ Fun + Interests


 Lost sims pet house.
Works for both dogs and cats, although only dogs will be able to cuddle in this dog house. Pets will gain energy much faster through sleeping in this doghouse. The default one didn't give energy at all, although sleeping automatically adds energy.
+energy  +comfort 


Lost sims Everywhere chess

When using the skills patch from Simslice, your sims will be able to gain skills away from home using this chess set.


Lost sims Everywhere chess plus!

When using the skills patch from Simslice, your sims will be able to gain skills away from home using this chess set. And now, with this new version, sims can win money if they win the game, or lose money if they lose. This is based on their logic skills. However, only visitors are able to join.


While this catnip is perfectly safe for the original sims, if you have Unleashed, your pets will find this a very fun and educational place to play. If you have downloaded the dragons above, the catnip is already included and you don't need to download again.
+hunger +skills


Color changing bed. In game you can choose from 6 different cushions for this bed.


This pet bath will give the pet that receives the bath a random personality every time. Many have wanted an item to give those strays a personality, but not max the personality. Just keep washing the pet until you get the personality you like. Works for cats and dogs. Note: Cats may think they are a dog towards the end of the bath. I guess that's just part of the personality change. ;-)
+Hygiene  +comfort  +personality.