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 Orphanage theme

For original sims and all expansion packs.

Created by Lost Sims


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Meet the orphans

    Child npcs that will appear when you place their pictures on a lot. You can create an old town ophanage lot for them and visit them when you go to old town. Then you'll be able to adopt your very own orphan. At this time, they are random using skins you have in your game already.  No more sleepless nights taking care of a baby when you want to increase your family. The orphans are fully interactible and their photos can be hung at home letting them appear when your sim is lonely. If you are using hacked social globals that allow it, you will even be able to ask them to move in and they  will become family members.  







Each zip contains the child's photo, character file, and skins. Place the two iff files in your downloads folder and then unzip the skins to your skins folder.

Note: It is probably best to store the iff files in a folder that you will not mark as read only. So if you are in the habit of marking your entire downloads folder as read only, it may be best to put these files in your game data/ user objects folder or vice versa.

When you hang the picture on the wall the child will appear near the picture once you go into live mode. Please make sure to keep the space in front of each child's photo free of furniture, or they may not appear. The photos keep the children as temporary members of the family as long as their picture is on the lot. If you want them to leave you can sell their picture. Eventually the child will then leave, or you can say good bye.

Youll also need their body skins. Click the picture to download the uniforms.

            Mesh by Corry                          Mesh by Maxis

All textures by Lost Sims

Girls' head meshes by Fionn of Sim freaks

Billy and Joel's head mesh by Maxis (original sims) Carl's head mesh by Fionn


 Creating an orphanage community lot.

The orphans are normal sims with needs. You will need to provide fun things for them to do, and supply a food souce that will work in old town. I suggest the barbeque.  Also provide beds and showers or tubs of course. They don't need to be visitor enabled but they do need to be categorized for old town.  Don't forget to hang their pictures in the room in which you want them to appear!  You could put them in the bedroom or playroom.

Here's how you can make your orphanage lot practical.

I have created two fake sims that you can place in a chair in front of a computer or some books that will go on a desk. Then you can click on the sim's head and choose to either adopt a girl or a boy. The new child will appear near the fake sim, so leave plenty of room around the desk, as the child will most likely appear behind the desk. Please place the fake sim in an uncomfortable chair and give your real sims plenty of higher comfort chairs to sit in in case they get sore feet while visiting the orphanage. :) Otherwise, they may decide to sit right on top of the fake sim! It looks really odd. LOL


Meet Lester and Amy our orphange director and helper. You can click on their heads and ask to adopt a boy or a girl. In the in game picture above you can see the sort of set up you may want to create for your orphanage.

I hope to create npcs to replace the fake sims for those that would prefer that soon. However with 6 child npc's already you  may want to stick to the fake sims if you want to see other sims visiting your orphanage. Also you don't need to use all the orphans. You can hang  only as many pictures as you want children to appear.

Using these objects without unleashead.
You can create an orphanage right at home if you like or you can simply place Lester or Amy on your lot temporarily in order to adopt a new child.
You can create an orphange downtown but you won't be able to adopt children there and bring them home. You need to have your whole family with you in order to adopt a child on a non residential lot.  You may be able to create an orphanage in Magic town and adopt a child there as long as you take a balloon ride to get there so that the whole family visits. I haven't tested in Magic Town.
Object and skin creators: Would you like to make a new set of orphans and objects for an orphanage? These orphans can be modified like any other npc object. You will need to make new photos and attach the new npc children to them like you would any other npc object.

Original sim users should not try to adopt children if the family already contains 8 members. Your game will most likely crash to the desktop if you try this in original sims. If you have a higher expansion pack it should be safe, but you must move enough sims out so that your family is again no more than 8 members  before you evict them. You can use the move plant from Simlogical to do this.


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