5-7-05 Hi! Today I have a fairly large update. This set was inspired from the West Elm site. It comes in blue & white. The lounger is cloned from a bed so your sims will look pretty silly sleeping on it. I should have just made it deco but oh well ;) Just click on the picture to take you to the downloads! I hope you enjoy it! I added a few paintings, rugs, a coffeetable, curtains, mirrors & the remainder of my walls. Thanks to Sandy-Around the Sims, Giselle-Fashion Show, Jud Hudson-SOS for their great bases! Also, I moved all the Juniper Sun & Seabree's forum gifts that remained at my yahoo group to the "Gifts" section here & deleted my group. Thank you to all who joined! :) Once again I made a few gifts (the orchids pictured above is one of the gifts) for the Sims 1 House Challenges over @ Seabree's forum. They are alot of fun so I hope you can participate!

**Just to let anyone who is interested in knowing that I will be offline for a few months starting @ the end of this month so this will most likely be the last update for sometime. I want to say "Thank you" to all who took a moment to send me an email-I appreciate your kind words! I hope to be back in a few months! Take care, Sioux Sims


4-13-05 Hello again! Today is a special update with a Sims 2 Gift from Ellis Hui! This gorgeous house requires Sims 2. Thank you for this incredible house Ellis! I really appreciate your kindness & for thinking of me :) Click on the picture to see more pics & to download.

3-6-05 Hello! A small update with some rugs for Sims 1. You can find them at the following links: English Tile Rugs , Group 10 & 11. If you find you would like one in a different size, just drop me a message at the Drawing Board (under "Contact/Links") & I would be happy to make it for you!

I also made a few objects for a Sims 1 challenge over @ Seabree's forum. Please check it out & enter!

2-23-05 Hi! I finally finished the Moroccan daybed (base by Giselle-Fashion Show), 2 tile rug, 2 pillows with candle trays, silk pillows (Base by Sandy-Around the Sims), and Buddha Enlightenment paintings (3 tile painting by Orangemittens-base by Tokage Sims), and a java deco door to prop against your sims wall. There are also 20 new walls in the walls section :) I am currently making my sims 1 walls available for sims 2 so that should be coming shortly. Hope you like the update! Thank you for visiting!

2-17-05 Hello and welcome to my website!! I would like to thank Simcrafters for hosting me and also Heidi from Exotic Elements for helping me create this site and for being my first affiliate! :)

I have some new objects for you today. Many thanks to Damage Inc. 356 and Sandy-Around the Sims for their bases!! Just click on the pic to take you to the zips. Just to remind you that I have all expansion packs! I hope you enjoy the update!

I do plan on creating for Sims 2 but not just yet. I have a few more Sims 1 objects that need to be set free from my hard drive ;) Please feel free to drop me an email to let me know what you think of the new site or any links that may be broken. Thanks for visiting me!