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Natural Resources Listed by City


The following represents a list of all cities and the approximate levels of natural resources they contain.

The values given (i.e. 0%, 33%, 66%) are based on the general impression the little meters shown in the region / city claim screens in game. I have no idea what the margin of error is or what quantity of materials these values might actually relate to, however I think it's safe to assume that 0% or 33% means there is not going to be very much of a particular resource. Certainly you're not going to max out your petroleum resources in a city with only a small puddle of oil, and possibly making a space center in a region where all the cities have poor quantites of oil doesn't make a whole heap of sense!

Although this is the trading section, I have left wind and water in because a) I thought it would be nice to have it somewhere and b) these are natural resources which you can make money from directly or otherwise (why oh why isn't there a hydro-electric dam, or a resevoir great work?).

Cape Trinity

Norwich Hills
Trinity Point

Whitewater Valley

Brakeman's Folly
Whitewater Crossing
Elm Grove

Reflection Atoll

Soiree Sands
Summit Vista
Ingot Landing
Grand Haven
Petrol Bay
Trader's Ridge

Viridian Woods

Lancaster Pointe
Tudor Isle
Giovanni Woods
Tosca Cliffs
Traviata Knoll
Yorkshire Cliffs
Figaro Forest
Wessex Bend
Gaugin Valley
Straussburg Isles
Burghausen Hills
Bamberg Basin
Hohenburg Shores
Matisse Plains
Monet Plateau
Rousseau Flats

Sunrunner Bay

Corsair Coast
Plunder Point

Discovery Delta

Sawyer's Crossing
Washtub Fields
Spooner Plains
Hucklberry Island
Jugband Hills
Kazoo Pass
Rising Sun Valley
Cotton Bend
Stackolee Ravine
Barleycorn Point
Harper Plains
Thatcher Overlook
Cottonwood Forest
Willow Woods
Magnolia Wetlands
Honesuckle Marsh

Horizon Archipelago

Oolong Peak
Souchong Summit
Toyokuni Strand
Ceylon Steppes
Lapsang Landing
Hokusai Cliffs
Hiroshige Overlook
Nautilus Plateau
Triton Valley
Cowrie Cove
Conch Beach
Conestoga Crossing

Titan Gorge

Settler's Rest
Hickory Ridge
Pioneer Plains
Frontier Fields
Pinewood Hills
Nugget Plateau
Claim Overlook
Placer Vista
Mustang Run
Wrangler's Rest
Painted Point
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