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Extra Information: Sims 1 Furniture

You can find a glossary in this page which shows an information icon (like the ones you'll see online in our Sims 1 Furniture section) and an explanation of what it means.

Installing NPC's

Objects with this icon have NPC's that work with them to provide your Sims with services. Most such objects have multiple .iff files inside the zip, along with skin files for the NPC. Install them just as you would clothing to make sure the NPC's show up.

  • Adding Downloads to Your Game
  • Installing Custom Sounds

    A small number of objects have custom sounds which requires special programs to install. The parts you'll need are included in the zip and you'll find instructions for using the PiSimSounds utility on the PiSimSound homepage:

  • PiSimSounds
  • Laundry Basket

    The laundry basket object is hacked so that Sims can change to lingerie - it's like a mini-dresser!

    Massage Table

    The Sims 1 massage tables on this site are customized so that the NPC is always present with the table. It means they are placed automatically on home lots without your Sims needing to phone up.

    Installing Objects With Skins

    Some objects have skin parts in addition to the standard .iff file object. Install these just like you would clothing in your gamedata/skins folder:

  • Adding Downloads to Your Game
  • Requires Simday Download

    Objects with this icon require you to have a Simday download object installed. We've included the Simday executable in the download zip. Install it by double-clicking on it.

    Sells Buyable Clothing

    Clothing racks sell buyable clothing (all Hot Date clothing types)

    Sells Buyable Lingerie

    Clothing racks sell buyable lingerie

    Sells Buyable Formal Clothing

    Clothing racks sell buyable formalwear

    Sells Buyable High Fashion

    Clothing racks sell buyable high fashion

    Sells Buyable Swimwear

    Clothing racks sell buyable swimwear

    Sells Buyable Winterwear

    Clothing racks sell buyable winterwear

    Sells Buyable Kid's Clothes

    Clothing racks sell buyable kids clothing

    Cashier & Pianist NPC

    A specially designed cash register and piano are intended to work together on the same lot. The cash register spawns the pianist IF the associated piano is present AND accessible. Place both objects on the same lot and make sure the NPC can walk from the cash register to the piano.

    Watchable Fireplace

    A hacked fireplace is watchable and provides Sims with fun!

    Buffet Table & NPC

    Most of my buffet tables are designed to be self-service, however those with this icon have a custom NPC and an associated phone plugin. When placed on the lot your Sims can phone up for the NPC to come to their house and serve.

    Sims Can Read Newspaper, Magazines & Books

    Bookcases marked with this icon give Sims the option to choose to read a newspaper, a magazine or a book

    Picnic Basket

    Ordinarily picnic baskets are rented from a rental booth. The picnic baskets here are standalone, so can only be used and placed on home lots.

    Viewing Sims Become Hungry

    Decorative objects designed to go with a banquet will make viewing Sims hungry. Helps if you want everyone to sit down to a meal!

    Pool Slide & Ladder

    Pool slides always require an associated ladder. You'll find the download zip always includes the ladder which you must place in the same pool if you want the pool slide to function.

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